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NW Formula (Niteworks)

Wow.. terasa keterujaan ketika membaca flyers yg di send oleh HERBALIFE kat email aku.. hmmm.. bukan pe actually HERBALIFE nak launch NW FORMULA a.k.a Niteworks yang sangat bagus untuk pengidap penyakit kronik yg dah bertahun- tahun makan UBAT HOSPITAL tapi still tak cure - cure lagi.. actually byk keburukan makan UBAT -UBATAN ne but dari penyelidikan oleh doktor2 kat dunia ne terutama doktor HERBALIFE yg dah menangi 2 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE IN DISCOVERIES CONCERNING NITRIC OXIDE  AS SIGNALLING MOLECULE IN CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM wah memang sgt terbaik lah NW FORMULA NE a.k.a NITEWORKS...siapa lagi kalau tak lain tak bukan Dr. Louis Ignarro ...antara kelebihan produk NW FORMULA ne antaranya :

  • Support blood vessels function for healthy vascular function
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Enhances blood flow to support function of heart, brain and other organs
  • Maintains a youthful body system for superior performance
  • Wake up feeling rejuvenated
  • A citrusy lemon flavoured powder that mixes with wter or juice based baverage 
  • 30 days supply
Itu antara kelebihan produk ne yang boleh membantu pesakit DARAH TINGGI, KENCING MANIS, BUAH PINGGANG, GAOT, JANTUNG, KOLESTEROL TINGGI, ASMA dan macam2 penyakit yg berpunca dari masalah cara permakanan kita serta rutin permakanan yg sangat terabai.. (POOR DIET). Mereka yang mengunakan NW FORMULA ne terbukti dalam masa 2 bulan membantu menurunkan kadar darah tinggi dan kencing manis jika di ambil dengan diet yg betol dan amalan permakanan yg sihat.. Ia terbukti.. baiklah apa kata korang baca testimoni ne berkaitan masalah - masalah yg di hadapi dan selepas penggunaan NW FORMULA (NiteWorks) secara konsisten sila baca testimoni pengguna diabetic using herbalife and nite work:

I have a Niteworks testimonial I would like to share.
My mother, who will be 75 years old in August, was diagnosed in February 2003 with Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). She was placed on oral medications (thalidomide and Decadron) and an IV med once a month (Zometa) to help build her bones. She has bloodwork every week and it had improved slightly but was still far from normal. My mom started Niteworks the 3rd week of June. In 3 weeks her bloodwork was completely NORMAL!!!! Her doctor was amazed. I have given the niteworks tape and brochure to her oncologist. As a result of her progress, her Decadron dose was cut in half, and she doesn't need bloodwork every week. She is starting to have more energy too.


I ordered this product for my husband who has Arteriolsclerosis & takes medications for cholesterol & high blood pressure. In 1 1/2 months, his overall energy level has increased,and his "PAD" lower leg pain has decreased.....especially while bikeriding & walking. Since I am lacking Estrogen and am at risk for early cardiovascular disease, I too take Niteworks as a preventive measure. We mix this pleasant tasting lemon flavored powder w/ 8 oz. of sparkling or plain water just before bedtime. I received it directly from from the Herbalife distributor in a timely fashion.


I had high cholesterol and was experiencing chest pain on my left side (Heart). After using this product for 3 months, my chest pain disappeared and my cholesterol dropped 68 points. I cant wait to get my cholesterol checked again in another 3 months. I did combine this product with eating grapefruit every night so I am not sure which did the trick but together, they probably saved my life. I could not be happier. Thank you Dr. Ignarro.


I recently purchased Dr. Ignarro's book, "NO More Heart Disease" and became interested in the effects of Nitric Oxide on circulation and plaque removal from arteries. Two years ago I had two carotid endarterectomies. One was blocked 85% and the other 96%. The surgeries went well and I thought I was safe. However just a month ago my Dr. heard another bruit in my carotid and I find it is blocked by 75%. I decided to take charge of this one on my own (at least temporarily) and ordered the Niteworks formula listed in Dr. Ignarro's book. I have been taking it for about two weeks so it is too early to know if there are any positive results. I will continue to do so and have the testing redone. The powder is very soluble in water or juice and has a pleasantly mild lemon flavor. I take it at bedtime with my nighttime medicine as recommended.


Two thumbs up for Niteworks! Within a couple of days after starting to take it, I felt noticeably better than I have in years. I've consistently had more energy and stamina, and I'm feeling healthier. Also, I've noticed that when I wake up in the morning now, I'm actually awake. For a guy who used to have to take an hour to get through a fog first thing every morning, this is a significant improvement. Also, I find it easy and convenient to take.


Kidney problem, Chronic Fatigue.
My life before Herbalife, I don't really want to remember.
I was tired all the time, cranky, so irritable. I was having kidney problems which had lead me into the hospital numerous times almost killing me a couple of times. A wonderful friend of mine was such a good friend he told me about Herbalife. I was hooked.

Just after the first week I felt total night and day difference. I had so much energy, my house was spotless. I could keep up with my three beautiful children. I felt like a new person. Just four weeks on the products I went from a size 24 to a size 18.  I recently went to the urologist and he gave me a perfect bill of health. No kidney problems since December, I've been on the products since January.

I even have my kids on Herbalife Aloe. As soon as I hear them sneezing or coughing I put them on it, within a couple of days they are back to their normal selves. My kids are no longer addicted to the "pink stuff" that so many kids are. This is the healthiest they have been ever!!! Thanks Herbalife!!!


My name is Ollie Carruthers, I am a hemophiliac who was diagnosed in1989 with hepatitis c. Initially I had fatigue but this passed for 12 years, during which I did suffer from many problems which I now know were associated with the virus. The last seven years I suffered increasingly from alcohol intolerance, fatigue, mood swings and brain fog. Brain fog is the inability to remember or think logically, it affects every area of one's life. This eventually led me to decide to stop working and rely on the state. At the same time I was introduced to Herbalife, and decided to try it as a diet, not believing it could help my condition as I still have the virus.

After three weeks my energy level increased, and all other symptoms were reduced, I also lost 20 lbs in weight. Now 5 months later I am a Herbalife distributor and evangelist also working full time as a maintenance electrician. I have my life back. 

Ok ramai yg tertanya tanya aku adakah penggunaan NITEWORK ne leh bantu mereka yg ada masalah kencing manis???? YUPPP Boleh.. dan tersangat boleh sebab L -Arginine ne berfungsi untuk mengurangkan body fat dlm bdn kita bila body fat kita dah semakin kurang dan semakin ok dia akan effect diabetic kita sebab punca masalah diabetic di kalangan mereka yg mempunyai masalah kesihatan spt kencing manis ini adalah lemak dan kegemukan serta permakanan yg tak di jaga.. jadik untuk reverse kan masalah kencing manis ne anda perlu tambahkan nutrisi di dalam bdn dengan minum herbalife shake, NITEWORK dan penggambilan tea mix, kalau tak ada budget sgt boleh makan NITEWORK dan TEA MIX, dan budget yg paling rendah anda leh makan HERBALIFE SHAKE dan minum tea mix, tapi perlu di ingatkan untuk reverse penyakit ne bukan sehari dua or 2 bln at least bg badn kita mencukupi nutrisi sekurang2nya 6 bln .. : ).. senang cite trun berat bdn insyaallah trun sekali masalah diabetis kita, dan kalau ada yg kurus tp ada diabetic itu berpunca dari permakanan, so kena la jg permakanan dan ambil NITEWORK dan TEA MIX.. INSYAALLAH ..BERUSAHA ITU TANGGA KEJAYAAN.. kpd yg masih lagi nak makan ubat kencing manis teruskan dan truskan juga makan herbalife insyaallah bila diabetic semakin berkurangan doktor akan sendri suggest untuk kita berenti makan ubat hospital tu.. ; )

Best kan dengan testimoni dan pengakuan pengguna produk HERBALIFE NW FORMULA NE                  ( NiteWorks) baiklah apa kata kita ketahui apakah rahsia keajaiban produk NW FORMULA (Niteworks) :

Niteworks Key Ingredients

L-Arginine: A naturally occurring amino acid found in food proteins that the body uses to make Nitric Oxide. It's difficult to consume enough L-Arginine through food to get the same Nitric-Oxide boost available by drinking Niteworks.

L-Citrulline: An amino acid in melons that stimulates the body to produce more L-Arginine, which in turn produces more Nitric Oxide.

D-Alpha Tocopherol (natural Vitamin E): This preeminent fatsoluble antioxidant can penetrate the cell membrane to neutralize free radicals and promote cell health. Vitamin E supports the activity of Nitric Oxide and improves endothelium (vessel lining) health.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): A water-soluble vitamin. Studies suggest that the combination of vitamin C, vitamin E and L-Arginine work to enhance Nitric-Oxide production.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: A co-factor in vital energy-producing reactions in the body. Assists in dilation or expansion of vessels. Also enhances antioxidant activity. Helps protect Nitric Oxide in the body.

Folic Acid: For protection of the vascular system.

Calcium Folinate: A source of folinic acid.

Lemon Balm: Perennial herb in the mint family with a history dating back 2,000 years. Helps provide a calming feeling, so you can sleep better and can awaken feeling rejuvenated.

Di fahamkan ada yg menggunakan NW FORMULA ne boleh merangsang golongan lelaki yg ada masalah MATI PUCUK dan masalah kelelakian.. jadik kalau rasa ragu2 apa kata  korang baca testimoni yg boleh di baca di laman blog ne berkaitan penggunaan produk HERBALIFE:
Banyak testimoni yg boleh di baca dengan pelbagai masalah kesihatan yg ada ... 


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